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All a Twitter

I’m an Anthropologist.

I’m a novelist.

I study people. I write about people. And now, facing the release of my first novel – and analyzing the beleaguered publishing industry – I’ve been analyzing the social networking platforms that we writers can use to promote our wares.

First of all – there’s the blog. No brainer. Here, I can show you (not tell you — wink) my writing style. My sense of humor. Where my interests fall. If yours match up, we’ve found each other. The music can play, and we can run across a field of flowers, spinning while the hills come alive with music. Or, at least, you can get a free read, a cheap fast, fun e-read, and news of the much awaited Novel… note to self! start the countdown clock! it’s almost May 1!! So, I have my “About Ashley Ludwig” Blog – current place of residence. I am also a regular blogger at This is where other ladies, like myself, who work, write, and raise kids, discuss our foibles and follies. The ups and downs. The ins and outs of the trade. On Wednesday, we highlight the authors who have “made it.” With publishing contracts or agents, or what have you. I drool over someday being a Wednesday MamaWriter.

Secondly – there’s FaceBook. I’ve friended many. I love FaceBook. Where else can you refriend someone you sat in front of in Journaling class in 4th grade? 🙂 Waves to Kym!

Third – there’s twitter. Now, Twitter is something that I have eyed much like the container in the back of the fridge that could be cookie dough, or could be meat loaf from two weeks ago. I’m happier thinking it’s cookie dough, and leaving it alone as testament to my new bent on health! but, it’s probably meatloaf. Still. I must determine the truth. It must be inspected. It must be dealt with. One cannot put off moldy meatloaf forever, however one wants to.

The point is this: The world is twittering. The news is twittering. The entertainment industry is twittering. And no one really knows why.

So, as an author – who could use some followers, and as an anthropologist, who is vastly interested in social behavior – I’ve taken two steps to twittering:

One, I am @QuickieReads. I read and review books in 140 characters or less. Is this fair? Well, as an author – I’d say, yes. I want to know how the review moved you. But ultimately, I want to know if you recommend it or not. SO, @QuickieReads will tell you this.

Two, I am @WireMamma. (See MamaWriters Blog above.) This is where I plan on twittering about the novel, about interviews, about my writing career in 140 characters or less.

The question becomes, who to follow and why? Should I follow Nathan Bransford, literary agent – because everyone else does? Should I follow fellow authors? Editors? Publishers? Publisher’s Weekly? The New York Times? As my list of following and followeds gets larger, this really gives me pause. Too much information ceases to be news and becomes noise. If everyone is tweeting, does anyone really pay attention? that said…if everyone is following each other around (mental picture of Verizon ads)…is anyone actually going anywhere? Are we all just stumbling around in circles, yammering into space?

Now, I realize I’m an inspriational author. But I have to give props to a blog I follow: Smart B*****S, Trashy Books. They are only following about 30 people. Their following is much larger – close to 3,000. But, these ladies are actually vetting their follows. In that small bit of information they receive, they are actually filtering out the noise to determine some sort of news. I’m fascinated with how they operate. Though the content is abrasive – ahem, that’s their point: They call them like they see them – their method is pure. I’m a fan. I love the irreverence. I respect the platform in the spirit it’s being given. And, (hangs head) I follow them on Twitter.

My goal over the next few weeks is to see how @QuickieReads and @WireMamma can work to deliver meaningful content to the twitter-sphere. I promise to strive to deliver meaningful news, and not random observations about cleaning out the fridge. Give me a follow… We’ll see where we go, and return to analyze the results one month from tomorrow…which, incidentally, is All or Nothing‘s release day.

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By Another Name… Excerpt

“Hello?” The familiar, deep voice called out. Her stomach dropped to her knees. Kade. He was here.

The metal baking sheets clattered to her feet, a crescendo of orchestra cymbals. How did he find her? “Back here!” Lee’s voice cracked.
She knelt, gathering the metal baking sheets together. Suddenly, he was helping pick up the mess. Their shoulders brushed. He was so tall. His rich auburn hair looked like he’d just rolled out of bed, his cheeks rough with at least two days of beard. Had Kade always towered over her, so? He’d certainly never looked at her this way.

His sea-foam eyes sparkled. She might as well have been a three-course meal for a starving man. He seemed to eat up the sight of her with those heavy lidded eyes, making her blush to her roots.

“Lee’s Treats, huh…?” His gravely voice played a symphony on her eardrums. “Let me help you.” He easily freed the trays from her shaking hands.

Lee’s pulse zinged at his half-smile. Her emotions ran the gamut as she snapped, “It’s okay. I’ve got it.”

Kade stood to his full height and frowned, and then blinked through whatever clouded his expression. He merely held the heavy baking sheets as if they were pieces of paper.

One by one, she retrieved her trays, laying them on the stainless steel prep counter. “I’ll take that, please,” she said, the last one becoming a tug-of-war match between them.

He held on to it like a shield. “Must be fate. Or a God thing. I only came by because my sister…and here you are!”

“Sorry. We’re closed.” She yanked again. He smirked, pulling her towards him. “Have dinner with me. Tonight.”

Lee closed her eyes in silent prayer. Lord, did you send him here to taunt me? “Give me the tray, Kade.” She tugged.

Or coffee, if that’s easier. We can do whatever you want.” He pulled.

“Just give it to me, already!” She shouted.

“Or, that…but, I didn’t peg you as that kind of girl…” He laughed aloud, and she let go, scalded with the dripping innuendo.

Lord, his sideways smile is going to kill me. Dead. On the floor. Head in hands, she sighed. “The tray. Just lay it on the counter. Please.”

His generous mouth twitched in amusement as he did as she asked.

“Well, thanks for dropping in. I’ve embarrassed myself enough for one day.” Heat radiated from her cheeks to the top of her head. She must be three shades of red, by now.

“You saved me. Buying you a latte is the least I can do.”

She eyed the purple bruise at his hairline, biting her lip. “I don’t suppose you’ll leave me alone until I say yes.”

“Think you know me that well already?” His eyes were positively dancing.

Was it possible that he didn’t recognize her?


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Promotional Plan

I’m looking for suggestions for promotional plans! I’m already signing up for author interviews, blog tours, and shopping my story to booksellers in hopes of having them host book signings for me! I’ve got bookmarks, a web site… I’m twittering! for crying out loud!
My message loop friends, you know I love you. So, what’s next?