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Join me Today at the Virtual Beach!

I have the distinct honor of being interviewed by the famous author/interviewer — Sharon Donovan — On Location, at the beach, no less!

Join us on the beach in front of my dream home–with Sharon & Oliver @  Sharon Donovan’s Blog

The usual suspects of Sweet Romance Yahoo Group are expected to attend… if you haven’t heard of us, watch out. Sweet Romance authors do indeed know how to party.  😉

We’re discussing: All or Nothing, my new short story – His Darling, and the WIP (Work in Progress), Sapphire Tears (working title) that’s been with me ALL SUMMER!

Come join the fun!


(Meet Oliver… *sigh*)

What is Recession Lit

Chick lit / or Hen lit – follows a formula we all know and love:

Girl who works for high powered someone / big-wig / big-shot / etc.

Girl loses job, loses boyfriend, loses hope.

Girl finds renewed sense of satisfaction/self. Gets better boy. Gets leg up / new lease on life.

Always – Always with a healthy dose of comedy.

Right? But what about NOW? What about the return to reality? To recession mentality? Rather than the kids who scoffed at Grandma, and her world’s largest ball of rubber bands… or washed out plastic baggies. Guess what. We’re those girls now. We are the moms, the workers, the people who realize that so much waste goes on in the world… and it is up to US to teach our children HOW to stop being wasteful.

With money. With time. With the planet.

Therefore, friends and authors, I give you Recession Lit. Here’s a link: More Gumption, Less Gucci

This NYT article looks into the lives of authors who’ve already jumped over to a Recession Lit mentality. Knowing, full well, that readers won’t sit still for glitzy glamour while they’re pinching their own pennies.

So, have you prepared your writing for the recession? If so, let me know! who are your faves for the fall list? Me? I’m looking to Karen Weinreb’s The Summer Kitchen. All I had to read was this line and I knew I needed the book:

“All I knew was that I was now two things I never expected to be, the wife of a felon and alone.”

follow Karen on twitter: @karenweinreb

How much is too much?

Author  Pamela S. Thibodeaux asks the question today, on White Roses in Bloom – How much is too much when writing an inspirational romance love scene?

For the full blog post, go to the :White Roses in Bloom Blog:

But here’s what Pam asked:

Would you read a Christian/Inspirational novel if it DID contain fully depicted love scenes as long as the couple is married – more fully than above? Is what I’ve shared too much or not enough to be considered “fully depicted”? :More:

Please head over, or leave a comment here… and let her know YOUR thoughts on the matter!

Today’s Hashtag: #pubtip

Here are some #PubTip hashtag quotes from literary agents (found on Twitter at the following locations):

What’s this Hashtag all about?

Agents are sharing tips to getting representation/publication of your completed, polished manuscripts — but it serves another purpose, as well. They’re hoping by educating authors, they will receive better quality queries from which to make their selections:

RT @RachelleGardner: #pubtip You’d be amazed at how quickly an experienced editor or agent can assess your writing skill. Often, 1 paragrph.

RT @RachelleGardner: #pubtip The best way to get accurate info about an agent is their own website. AgentQuery etc aren’t always up to date.

RT: @jodimeadows #pubtip I don’t always catch repeat queries, but when I do, I remind people when they sent before. Keep better records.

RT:  @dbschlosser Every Writer Needs an Editor by @ selfpubreview Provocative #writing advice + #pubtip

RT:  @RachelleGardner: Friends/family or God telling you to write a book? Don’t put it in yr query! #pubtip

RT: @rachellegardner #pubtip It’s kinda creepy when the name of the novel’s protagonist is the same as the author’s name, or very similar.

RT @MarleneStringer #Pubtip Please don’t refer me to your website or attachment for sample pages. I won’t read. Put in the body of the email

RT @RachelleGardner #pubtip Mention your genre in the query letter! Keeping us guessing increases chance of rejection.

RT @BostonBookGirl: #pubtip Be widely read in your genre. Seriously–it shows when you aren’t.

RT @BostonBookGirl @elanaroth @michelewells Authors srsly, a rejctn isn’t an invitation to initiate a conversation! #pubtip

RT @RachelleGardner: #pubtip Main reason I say NO to queries is the story & the writing don’t impress. Problem is the book, not the query.

RT @kate_mckean: Don’t start a query with a question. “Dear Agent, Do you have a heart? My novel about heartbreak….” BAD IDEA! #pubtip

RT @RachelleGardner: #pubtip Avoid being in a rush to get published. It takes TIME to develop your craft as well as learn about the biz.

Remember! take these with a grain of salt. Join a critique group, if you haven’t yet! and many blessings on your writing career!

Happy Endings – Talking about Characters

Come by Today, where I”m Blogging @ Happy Endings – on the Writing Craft

We’re discussing characters, and how they take on lives of their own…

AND, for those of you who follow me, I have a new short story coming soon from the Sweetheart imprint of The Wild Rose Press:

His Darling

More information, coming soon!

Words of Wisdom…

Today – quoting Roxanne St. Claire – where she is discussing the finer points of plotting with a legal pad, and a blue ink pen:

No matter how many books you’ve written, you still have to sit down with pen, paper, computer, post its, baby name book, box of godiva, and high hopes…and write “Chapter One.” [Read More…]

I encourage you to visit Roxanne at her site:

She’s an amazing voice to new and established authors, of every Romance genre.

Ashley’s August Schedule:

Hello, everyone!

I want to thank you all for your interest in my site, my books, and my blog entries. Here’s where I’ll be for the month of August:

  • @ Twitter – Follow @Wiremamma daily – as we talk about author topics, writing, and the publishing business
  • August 13th – Blogging @ Happy Endings – on the Writing Craft
  • August 14th – All day chat with Sweet Romance Authors @Coffee Time Romance’s Latte Lounge!:
  • August 26  – Lounging on the beach with Sharon & Oliver @  Sharon Donovan’s Blog