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Thanks for stopping by to visit. This blog has a host of information on the publishing industry, the methods authors can use to learn from applications like Twitter, Social Networking, and the writing process.

In the interest of seeing the next title added to my bookstore, as well as working on a screen adaptation of By Another Name, I’m taking a bloggiesta through the end of April-beginning of May.

Please drop by, or visit me on FaceBook.

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Fan Pages, Sweet Romance, & Open Submissions!

Good morning, all!

I’m here to share a few FaceBook tidbits for some amazing FaceBook Fan Pages, and a special FREE READ TREAT!

Become an Ashley Ludwig Fan on FaceBook: Follow THIS LINK to FACEBOOK and join me — where we chat about this and that and upcoming releases.

Become a fan of SWEET ROMANCE: Follow THIS LINK to join SWEET ROMANCE AUTHORS on FACEBOOK – lovely ladies, many with an enviable time for Promotion!

Become a fan of LAMP POST PUBLISHING: Follow THIS LINK to join LAMP POST PUBLISHING on FACEBOOK – Lamp Post, a publisher of edifying Christian Fiction, ventures into fiction Genres – outside of mere Romance – into areas of Suspense, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, and Fantasy. Incidentally, Lamp Post is also open to submissions right now!

Agent Review Contests

I stumbled across another Agent contest today via Twitter — and I’m so glad I did! I have two daughters, as many of you know — though we’re still reading through “The Wind in the Willows” and “A Wrinkle in Time.” My teenage niece is suddenly the perfect age for YA fiction. She’s a free thinker. Didn’t jump on the Vampire bandwagon as so many of her peers, and I am really looking forward to seeing how she enjoys the reads of authors Suzette Saxton and Bethany Wiggins.

At any rate, they’re hosting a contest, which the winner will receive an agent review, among other exciting giveaways. So, please pop over, register, and give yourself a chance to have your work reviewed by a real pro, Suzie Townsend of FinePrintLit. :CLICK HERE FOR RULES:

Good luck, everyone!

Suzette Saxton is represented by Suzie Townsend of FinePrintLit.

Bethany Wiggins is represented by Marlene Stringer of The Stringer Agency.

To create a book trailer?

Today, Rachelle Gardner is discussing the pros and cons of the book trailer world. That got me thinking about my previous life, where I worked side by side with Avid editors at a small company in Hollywood.

I watched some of the most brilliant minds in the movie trailer industry as they put together 15, 30 second, and full preview spots for films such as: The Full Monty, Sliding Doors, Jakob the Liar, and so on for Fox Searchlight, Miramax, and other studios…

This was the age when everything had to be copied to video, FedExed across the country, and only at the end of my run there were videos being digitized and sent over the wire. WOW. How the world has changed.  How has modern communication improved the movie trailer biz? I’ve reconnected on FaceBook and LinkedIn, so here’s to hoping I’ll get some valuable insight on that.

For the moment, I have to agree with a fellow author on Book Trailers. I love the music. Music and images invoke feelings of love, loss, triumph, tragedy, fear, hope, desire… Words? Leave ’em for the printed page.

Yesterday I was introduced to the “Un-Book Trailer” – where an author scoured YouTube for a movie montage set to romance…I’m so borrowing this from Kathleen Bittner Roth… who knows I was summarily moved by this piece… so, without further ado, tell me YOUR thoughts on the un-Trailer. Would you read her book based upon this montage of a completely different story?


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*squee!* FREE Kindle Download – TWO RIVE

*squee!* FREE Kindle Download – TWO RIVERS by T. Greenwood – in celebration of her new release: THE HUNGRY SEASON –

I must have one. That is all. #apple app

I must have one. That is all. #apple appletablet

All or Nothing – 5 Book Review on LASR

All or Nothing — Reviewed by Sunflower at Long and Short of it Book Reviews…

This is a well written tender love story along with a little suspense and intrigue mixed into the plot. The characters are marvelous and you can’t help but like all of them. They are all a part of the story interwoven together. If you are a fan of Historical Western Romance as I am then you will not be the least disappointed in this book. I read this book in one day and it will be one that I will pull out and read again. Ms. Ludwig is a most proficient author and the inspiration shows up in her writing. I will be reading more of her books.


I’ll blog later why having Sunflower review this book is so meaningful, but THANK YOU!!!


Too tired to tweet

HappinessAfter a rousing critique session last night, I found myself too tired to twitter this morning. Weighed in late on a hashtag session, and found that I could just search by it, and see the entire stored conversation — even parts of it that happened over the weekend!

So — what’s the deal with real time – knee jerk tweeting? Does it really make a difference? Will tweets translate into blog readers? and blog readers into book buyers? Isn’t that what this happiness image is all about?

That begs the question — where is it more important to spend your energies as an author? What social networking apps are best when putting your readers in the know with your current works in progress?

I’m finding that twitter is great for learning about my industry, talking with publishers, and helping weigh in with the wide world of e-publishing. As far as actually working, writing, and chatting with friends?

I think I’ll stay with my Yahoo groups & FaceBook. Any thoughts from my fellow authors? or from readers?


Free Read Now Available – Sparks Still Fly by Ashley Ludwig

Free Promotional Read for all who join the White Rose Publishing Reader’s Group…

A “mama sized read” for those of us who just have a little bit of time in the day for yourself…

Join the Yahoo Group — post a comment to say who sent you! *wink* and enjoy a free read, on me!

Here’s a teaser:

Sparks Still Fly
Ashley Elizabeth Ludwig

After a chance meeting, Wendy re-friends her first love.
Twenty years, a failed marriage, and two children later, she can’t believe he really wants to pick up where they left off.
When they see each other again, will he dash her hopes to embers? or will sparks still fly?

———— ——— ——— ——— ——— —–
This free read is available now. Log in to the White Rose Publishing Reader’s Group…, click on “files” on the left menu, and retrieve it from the “Free Micro-stories” folder.

Now Available

By Another Name, by Ashley Ludwig — Contemporary,Inspirational romance
“You Need to Read — by You Gotta Read Reviews…”

All or Nothing – Historical, Inspirational romance:
A widow finds love…
A soldier seeks redemption…
And a murderous bandit, who could destroy them both.