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All or Nothing, by Ashley Elizabeth Ludwig

All or Nothing, by Ashley Elizabeth Ludwig

A young widow starting over nearly dies on the perilous, winding road to Tucson, Arizona in 1876.
An accident turns out to be a cover-up for a heinous crime at the hand of a murderous bandit. Robbed and left for dead, all that remains for RuthAnne Newcomb is her faith, and the talents God gave her. She needs both to endure the handsome, vengeful cavalry captain who saved her life.
Captain Bowen Shepherd offers aid in exchange for information leading to the criminal’s capture. El Tejano, as the bandit is known, is bound to strike again and RuthAnne is the only living witness to his crimes. Left with nothing but her savvy and unwavering faith, RuthAnne is forced to return to the scene and help with the intolerable soldier’s quest.
Already, the criminal is after the lone witness who can destroy him. Bowen and RuthAnne must risk everything to unmask the bandit once and for all, before he can strike again at the one who cost him the most. Will their newfound love, or their lives, be the cost of bringing a murderer to justice?
Now Available from White Rose Publishing in Ebook and Print

16 responses to “Trailer”

  1. dan says :

    Awesome my friend. Muey congrats.

  2. Kari Lee Townsend says :

    Love it. Great job. You must be thrilled;)

  3. Ashley Ludwig says :


    Thanks – These are fun to make – It is an interesting way of breaking down your story into ‘movie trailer’ elements.
    I really am going to do my best to get to Rebecca’s this week. I need a good strong dose of everyone. Miss you guys!


  4. Ashley Ludwig says :


    Thanks for your comment! I am. I love the ‘old movie’ flavor of it. I love the song. I’m addicted to making book trailers all the sudden!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Kathleen says :

    Think this great. You must be so excited.

  6. Ashley Ludwig says :

    Kathleen – thanks for the kudos. 🙂 I am thrilled. I’m sitting here beside myself, unable to believe it’s finally time to release this title. 🙂

    Can’t wait to share it with everyone. Have a great night!


  7. Sarah Simas says :

    Great blurb, Ashley. All Or Nothing sounds wonderful and the trailer is awesome. I’ve bookmarked your blog. You’re definitely an author worth following!

    I wish you tons of success with All Or Nothing!


  8. Ashley Ludwig says :

    Sarah – I could kiss ya. 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment. I think I’ll float on that for the rest of the day!


    So glad to know you, my fellow mama writer… we’ve gotta stick together!


  9. Beth Trissel says :

    Woo hooo, love the trailer!~story sounds great and not what I expected from White Rose. 🙂

  10. Ashley Ludwig says :

    Well, Beth…

    Thank you very much! I’d love to have you read it and get an author quote! *wink* and thanks for the nod on the trailer. I just LOVE doing trailers… if Only I could get Rock You to go on to You Tube! still figuring that one out.

    Shoot me an e-mail if you want to do an author book swap. 🙂


  11. Alan Thomas says :

    Congratulations Ashley! Love the trailer, can’t wait to read the book…
    ‘Nonsense, playing for blood is just my game, Ringo”
    -Doc Holiday, Tombstone (the movie) 1993

  12. Ashley Ludwig says :

    Alan, thanks for your support! Hope you enjoy your trip through Arizona of the 1870s…


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