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Twitter Book Reviewers by GalleyCat

This is a rerun from GalleyCat reviews, on of my favorite Twitterers to follow… if you’re interested, either as Author or Reader, take a gander below and read their take on The Most Popular Book Reviewers on Twitter

By Jason Boog on Feb 03, 2010 04:23 PM

flwbooks100x100.pngWhat are your favorite book review sites on Twitter? We are putting the finishing touches on our growing book review directory for GalleyCat Reviews, and we realized that we can’t exclude Twitter.

The microblogging site has become a hub for many book reviewers and readers. Last year, we interviewed Eric Mueller, the co-founder of the Twitter book review, Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations. They’ve since grown to include more than 80,000 followers.

In addition, we’ve already uncovered a few hashtags for literary criticism, including: #bookreviews, #reviews #books, and #bookchat. Even better, TweepSearch lists 575 book reviewers on Twitter.

Where do you go for book reviews on Twitter? Add your favorite Twitter reviewers in the comments section, we’ll add them to our growing collection of literary criticism on Twitter. After the jump, check out the ten most popular self-identified book reviewers on Twitter, ranked by number of followers.

Here are the book reviewers with the most followers, according to TweepSearch.

1. Tamoor: “Astrology, Teaching Metaphysics since 1972, EFT, Award Winning Fantasy Author, dragons, fairies, wizards, book reviews, gold panning, Labradoodles”

2. Janette Fuller: “My Thank-You Project, Social Media, Blogger, Book Reviewer, Librarian, Children’s Literature Enthusiast, eBay, Card Making”

3. Horror News Net: HORRORNEWS.NET Official Site FREE Horror Horror news Horror reviews DVD reviews Book reviews”

4. Library Journal: “Library views, news, and book reviews from LJ staffers.”

5. Susanna K. Hutcheson: “Copywriter, journalist, entrepreneur, fitness fanatic, photographer, collector of vintage ads, fountain pens, book reviewer and a hell of a lot of fun.”

6. Organic Wales: “The Organic Wales directory covers organic Welsh food, restaurants, homes, gardening, and holidays. Features include recipes and book reviews.”

7. Wayne Hurlbert: “Blogger, social media, SEO consultant, speaker, business book reviewer, Blog Business Success host on BlogTalkRadio”

8. Erin–Books in 140: “Book reviews. In 140 characters. Also: coffee addict, tv addict, pop culture addict, giant.”

9. Katlogictalk: Award winning Blogger of Kat Logic, published author, book reviewer, business owner.

10. Maria Schneider: “Freelance writer, editor, blogger, forum hostess, book reviewer, former editor of a writing magazine you’ve probably heard of. Wants to eradicate the semicolon.”

Happenings in September

Hello, everyone!
This September, come and join me…

blogging about writing romance & raising kids with my fellow MamaWriters at — every comment enters you to win a special MamaWriters Tote bag!

I’ll be blogging on the writing process, inspiration, how to use Twitter to learn more about the writing craft, and editing my current contract, His Darling at

I’ll be visiting with my dear friend and author, Rebecca Farnbach at her release party for the Temecula Valley Wine Country book, published by Acadia Publishing on September 11, 2009 – at the Vail Ranch Historical Center.

And, of course, will be joining my fellow San Diego Christian Writers Guild Members at the convention this month, Friday, September 25 – in Rancho Bernardo.

Busy month! Look forward to seeing you …

Join me Today at the Virtual Beach!

I have the distinct honor of being interviewed by the famous author/interviewer — Sharon Donovan — On Location, at the beach, no less!

Join us on the beach in front of my dream home–with Sharon & Oliver @  Sharon Donovan’s Blog

The usual suspects of Sweet Romance Yahoo Group are expected to attend… if you haven’t heard of us, watch out. Sweet Romance authors do indeed know how to party.  😉

We’re discussing: All or Nothing, my new short story – His Darling, and the WIP (Work in Progress), Sapphire Tears (working title) that’s been with me ALL SUMMER!

Come join the fun!


(Meet Oliver… *sigh*)

Happy Endings – Talking about Characters

Come by Today, where I”m Blogging @ Happy Endings – on the Writing Craft

We’re discussing characters, and how they take on lives of their own…

AND, for those of you who follow me, I have a new short story coming soon from the Sweetheart imprint of The Wild Rose Press:

His Darling

More information, coming soon!

Ashley’s August Schedule:

Hello, everyone!

I want to thank you all for your interest in my site, my books, and my blog entries. Here’s where I’ll be for the month of August:

  • @ Twitter – Follow @Wiremamma daily – as we talk about author topics, writing, and the publishing business
  • August 13th – Blogging @ Happy Endings – on the Writing Craft
  • August 14th – All day chat with Sweet Romance Authors @Coffee Time Romance’s Latte Lounge!:
  • August 26  – Lounging on the beach with Sharon & Oliver @  Sharon Donovan’s Blog
  • Bloggiesta Month…

    Yes, I know it’s the middle of July. Alright, it’s almost the END of July — but here’s the deal I just made with myself. And by God’s grace, I just might stick to it.

    For the next month, I’m taking a much needed “Bloggiesta.”

    When readers can sit down and inhale a book that took a year to write and release – in, um, a day… who has time for blogging? Facebook? Twitter? and now, so help me, GLUE? What’s that all about? I am often asked in interviews, etc. “How do you have time to do it all?”

    I finally have an answer I can/have to live with. I can’t. I’m not superhuman. I’m an author. And, as an author, I have an over-burgeoning responsibility to use the talent that I’ve been blessed with and — um — write.  And, when I’m not writing, I’ll be honing my craft. Why? Because when a skill becomes your heart’s desire, you need to sharpen your sword. You need to practice. You need to write.

    My bloggiesta reading list is:

    • Stein on Writing by Sol Stein
    • Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell
    • Story by Robert McKee

    and, for fun, I’m reading — Both by James Rollins:

    • The Last Oracle
    • The Doomsday Key

    My creative energy has been requested elsewhere… so…

    Instead of blogging, I’ll be getting things done around the house, at work, and on my current work in progress. As much as I love you all, and am enthralled by the visitors, your comments, etc. – If I don’t get back to my current cast (whom I’ve left in desperate peril), I’ll have nothing for you to read in the spring!

    I’ll leave you with this:

    Can an archaeologist unearth the truth before she loses the greatest treasure of all?

    When maritime archaeologist stumbles into an ancient treasure, she finds her colleague murdered and her own life in jeapordy. She must trust a faithful FBI agent to protect her while solving an ancient mystery to free those whom she holds most dear.

    In a hurricane of love, loyalty, and deception — Chandra Drake is confronted with the ultimate choice: Does she sacrifice everything that matters to her heart and expose the truth?

    On that note, I’ll be back to chatting, e-mail, face book, twitter, blogging, etc. when the first draft is completed.  My challenge – 1,000 words a day (through edits or pounding through the ending) until it’s done.

    What do you think?

    Authors and Marketing

    A really cool post from Kat Meyer on author tools:

    If you haven’t “Got Glue” yet, check out why you should.


    One Lovely Blog

    Hey, everyone!OneLovelyBlogAward

    Just a quick thank you for my friend Skyhe Moncrief – and her lovely nod to this blog. I’ve been watching this award be posted around, and am tickled pink you thought of me.

    So, I give the nod back to you, my friend: Skhye Moncrief – You don’t scare me, Skhye. But, please, stop trying. LOL.  I’m shaking my way through Spell of the Killing Moon and just might have to wait to finish it until Halloween. 🙂

    For those of you who don’t know her, Skhye can tell you anything and everything you ever wanted to know about reference books. I am desperately in need of shelves, as my growing stack of writing books are threatening to topple down on my head the next time Southern California decides to do the hippie-hippie shake!

    Now, it’s my turn to pass the baton on to my next lovely friends for their lovely blogs where I love to dawdle and spend my time:

    Laurean’s Lore – who makes me laugh on a regular basis

    Miss Mae – because you are so good at rallying the masses and keeping the ball rolling. You amaze me, girl!

    Jeannie Ruesch -Happy Endings – My writer mama and friend, who I’m quite sure is the best website designer in the romance industry! 🙂 with the best tag line: Will Design for Chocolate. Can you imagine?!?!

    So, take your awards, ladies!

    Congratulations! The baton has been passed. The rules of acceptance are simple…
    1) Accept the award, and don’t forget to post a link back to the awarding person.
    2) Pass the award on.
    3) Notify the award winners.



    Starting the “Build & Stabilize Your Platform” Month!

    Watch this video and consider where you are in the construction of your author platform:

    Consider your social networking grade:

    1. Do you have a Web site?
    2. Do you have a Facebook or Myspace account?
    3. Do you have a blog? (must update more than once a month in order to say “yes”)
    4. Do you have a Twitter account? (again, must update more than once a day to say “yes”)
    5. Do you belong to any online groups, such as Yahoo Groups, Book Clubs?
    6. Have you started BRANDING yourself…
    7. Are you still writing? (Give yourself 2 points for this one.)

    If you scored 5 or above – good for you! leave us your links and let us grade each other!

    If you scored 4 – you’re on your way. Chances are, you’ve made friends across the country, if not the globe!

    If you scored 3 or below…We need to talk.

    Let me help you over the next month as we work together to build and/or stabilize your Author Platform! Your first step, at the VERY least — set up a free blog site. We are authors, yes? So, chances are, you should have something interesting to say.  So, let’s blog about it!

    Step 1. Use one of the following:


    Post a profile picture.

    You don’t  have to do anything else just yet.

    Just register. Post your book cover if you’ve got one. Say “Hello, World” if you don’t. Just do one thing today to help others know you’re here. You’re writing.You have something to say that others should read!

    Once you’ve done that, let me know and we’ll move on to step 2!

    Post any questions or comments you might have! I’m here to hold your hand as we get going into Books 2.0 together.

    Double Booked!

    All or Nothing, cover art by Kimberlee Mendoza

    All or Nothing, cover art by Kimberlee Mendoza

    I’m double booked today! discussing motherhood and All or Nothing!

    Come visit me as I am interviewed by the lovely Emma Lai…

    And, drop by and share your favorite healthy recipe!

    Have a wonderful Friday!