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To create a book trailer?

Today, Rachelle Gardner is discussing the pros and cons of the book trailer world. That got me thinking about my previous life, where I worked side by side with Avid editors at a small company in Hollywood.

I watched some of the most brilliant minds in the movie trailer industry as they put together 15, 30 second, and full preview spots for films such as: The Full Monty, Sliding Doors, Jakob the Liar, and so on for Fox Searchlight, Miramax, and other studios…

This was the age when everything had to be copied to video, FedExed across the country, and only at the end of my run there were videos being digitized and sent over the wire. WOW. How the world has changed.  How has modern communication improved the movie trailer biz? I’ve reconnected on FaceBook and LinkedIn, so here’s to hoping I’ll get some valuable insight on that.

For the moment, I have to agree with a fellow author on Book Trailers. I love the music. Music and images invoke feelings of love, loss, triumph, tragedy, fear, hope, desire… Words? Leave ’em for the printed page.

Yesterday I was introduced to the “Un-Book Trailer” – where an author scoured YouTube for a movie montage set to romance…I’m so borrowing this from Kathleen Bittner Roth… who knows I was summarily moved by this piece… so, without further ado, tell me YOUR thoughts on the un-Trailer. Would you read her book based upon this montage of a completely different story?


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I’m following the Twitter Hashtag #Writegoal

In essence, if you type: #Writegoal into a twitter search, you can immediatley be surrounded by authors such as yourself, who have a common interest… to finish something they’ve started.

Think of it like a NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) – only, you set the pace and you decide when you’ve achieved what you’re working toward. Make it, don’t make it. Reassess and reset your goals to be more achievable next time.

My #Writegoal has been to finish my WIP by the end of August. I’ve changed the date three times, due to summer and the perils of working/mama/writer-hood. The point is, I have some great new online “friends” who cheer me on, give advice, tips, tricks, and even the shoulder when I’ve run into plot issues.

Today, I was reminded that sometimes you just have to get the story out before you can polish it. I’ve been so ultra-focused on perfection, I’ve forgotten what it takes to get the draft out!

Here’s to tomorrow’s #Writegoal – which I am allowing myself 500 words of plot progression and 500 words of edits. We’ll see where the day takes us. Bop on over to Twitter, and see how we’re doing!

Cool trailer – gave me the shivers!

Okay – this is awesome.

I found this trailer through a writer friend on Twitter. She did the entire trailer using paper cut outs she made, and motion capture photography. It’s erie. It’s compelling. It’s great trailer length. AND I know all I need to know to realize that I want to read the story. WELL DONE!!!

Need to research a bit more to see the steam factor, as many romantic shape-shifing paranormals are outside of my heat range, but WELL DONE! you captured my attention, regardless.

Author Site

Book Trailers

Thanks to everyone for taking a look at the All or Nothing trailer. I’m still weighing in on the validity of having a book trailer. Does it make you more apt to buy a book? Or is it just a sign that the author just wants to live in their story a bit longer? Or perhaps, a small shot at the small screen? NOT every story is big-screen or small-screen worthy. I know that. But as a former employee of a movie trailer production studio, I’m curious.

I’m still reeling from having my publication date bump up from September 25 to MAY 29, 2009!  So, what does that mean, exactly? It means that things are suddenly going to get VERY busy around here. We’re switching quickly into marketing mode. I’m open for suggestions and ideas on how to market books, how to get the word out, how to host a book signing, and how to find readers who are interested in inspirational romance. LOL. Okay. Enough of that. My pulse is racing. I can’t decide if this feels like getting ready for a baby, or planning a wedding. It’s somewhere in between.

And, in the mean time – I’m releasing By Another Name through the new Wild Rose Press imprint, White Rose Publishing – on April 11th. April 11th is Holy Saturday of the Easter Weekend. I’m in shock. Seriously. Someone send the paramedics. Or maybe my sister. I could use a good dose of family right now. My sister is an amazingly strong woman, and someone I have always admired. More about her later – because it’s the only way I can get her to pop in and read my blog. Paige is more a woman who enjoys a good murder mystery than a romance. I’ve done my best to weave some in to my stories… but will do my darndest to write one that she’ll want to read. That’s my goal. To turn my sis into a romance reader. Shh. Don’t tell.

At any rate – Please take a look at the stories that are coming out this spring – Ordering Information will be posted as soon as it’s available.


All or Nothing – The Trailer

All or Nothing’s trailer has released today…

Pop on over and take a peek!

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