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Summer school

I’ve learned so much from my girls this summer. They have worked so hard at swimming, at learning to ride bikes, goals are key and positive reinforcement means everything.

I’ve learned how I handle things greatly determines their outlook. When addressing a mistake, it is more important to rebuild them then to focus on the error of their ways.

Life is more important than fiction.

Time spent daydreaming with little girls is worth more than any paycheck.

And, most importantly, though marrying a knight in shining armor matters… nothing polished that vision of him like seeing him laugh and play with your children.

Hope you are having a lovely summer. I’ll be spending the rest of it revising my current manuscript, MAMMOTH SECRETS.

Until next time…


Angelology, by Danielle Trussoni

Hey, everyone

I have taken a step back from editing MAMMOTH SECRETS as my heart was heavy, and my spirit flagging. So, instead of writing and rewriting as I’ve been called to do, I picked up ANGELOLOGY, which amazingly enough – I own a lovely autographed edition, thanks to Dona Watson and her Fantasy & Faith blog.


Angelology brings you into a world beneath the world, behind a curtain if you will, revealing that which has been veiled from our view. It postulates that society as we know it is an enslaved earth, with the Nephilim–the heirs of the fallen angels aka “Watchers”, now trapped in the bowels of the earth–in control.

Angelologists are those tasked with maintaining the natural order, restoring the earth to that which the Lord intended and managed (according to early philosophers) for a total of 29 seconds before Lucifer fell.

Are you still with me?

The story takes place in both 1999 and 1943, flip flopping briefly to childhood of the main character, Evangeline,  in the 1980s. My favorite parts took place during the revelation of Celestine as a young woman, and Evangeline’s discoveries at St. Rose Convent. The historical flashbacks were so neatly woven into the tale, it became a seamless-secondary novel. I roamed the Paris streets with Celestine and Gabrielle. I bought the historic accounts they read and cataloged, as if the texts by the Venerable Clematis were actual works.

I admit, there were a few moments I had to stop, and breath in my willing suspension of disbelief. There were other moments where I simply turned page after gripping page, hanging on for the ride. Danielle Trussoni is a magnificent story teller, and left me…wanting more.

I want more.

I want a sequel. Are you hearing me, out there, Penguin USA? Ms. Trussoni? You cannot leave me like this. I must know what happens next, to Verlaine, Evangeline, to Angelology as I now know it.

Pretty please, with sugar on top.