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E-books & Reading Habits

Hey, everyone

I’m researching more about how and what we are reading – collectively. So, if you care to play – comment below:

1. List the last book you’ve read/purchased & plan to read (at LEAST 1)
2. Where you picked it up (, Library, Borrowed from a neighbor)
3. Answer this question: Have you ever read a chapter/story on your phone or computer?
4. How many hours a day/week do you spend reading blogs?

For me:

  1. Nora Roberts, The Pagan Stone — Next up on the nightstand: Courting Trouble by Renee Knowles! — Ordered from
  2. Christmas gift – bought at Costco & it MYSTERIOUSLY appeared in my stocking
  3. YES – on my computer. Still have yet to purchase an e-book & don’t yet have an iPhone or Kindle.
  4. TOO Many!! At least a half-hour to an hour a day.