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Back in the Saddle

Good morning, friends! It’s football Sunday, and you wives of Fantasy Players know what I’m talking about.

I’m resting and recovering – after being significantly fussed at by my doctor. What did I expect? I’m the mother of two kids under the age of 5. Of course I’m doing too much. Just sitting here, resting, listening to the herd of wild buffalo running around upstairs while daddy is changing bed sheets – I’m cringing. But I’m not running up to take over. Or even crawling up. I’m resting. With half-crescents in my palms from squeezing my hands too tight. But he’s doing it. And he’s wonderful. God bless him. REALLY. He needs all the help he can get!

At any rate – the big news is the contest entry. My story, “By Another Name” won one of three contracts for The Wild Rose Press Easter Lily Contest. It will be released in April – I need to get out the contract, the manuscript information page, and everything this week. I’m hoping Kimberlee Mendoza will do another lovely cover for me. 🙂 Shameless plug, Kim, if you’re listening!

That shot me to the moon last week. I’m waiting on two other entries – but am back to writing new and interesting stories. I have a project with a dear friend I’m fleshing out, as well as rewrites for Castles by the Sea and the final Final final? edits for All or Nothing. Elizabeth is giving me a run for my historical money. God bless editors – and the writers who do their bidding. ha ha. She’s a fantastic editor and I’m in boot camp every time she shoots me an email with a question, request, or added bit of historical tidbits to make the novel soar. So, this author is beaten. The few things I was clinging to, I’ve let go, following her superior advice, letting go of my stubbornness and following her lead. Authors, be thankful for editors as diligent as mine. 🙂

At any rate, I’m looking forward to sending her Castles, so that she can see how much she’s taught me. Total rewrites are a chore, but when you put the tools you’ve learned into play, hopefully the revisions won’t be nearly as painful. If I can get A or N out by a year from my contract date, I’ll be lucky.

SO- thanks everyone for your well wishes. I’m going back to watch some old Ginger Rogers flicks for my “research” – while the kids “help” their dad. Better get in what I can before the Chargers game starts! Until next time,


Notes before taking some leave…

Good morning – all. Friends, fans, and family… I had a few minutes with my morning coffee and almost picked up my journal – but decided here was as good a place as any. We’re about to go through some changes at our house. I’m off work for awhile, as many of you know… but before I go, we’re taking our little trailor down to the beach for a relaxing family weekend WITH FRIENDS this time.

This should be fun. For once, it’s Perry’s group of work friends we’re going with. I’m truly looking forward to meeting these people he spends time with. I’ve been promised many hands to help with the girls – which should be great – and I’m frankly looking forward to parking myself in a lounge chair and watching the waves, having a few glasses of wine, toasting marshmallows, and listening to laughter and great music… quality time with no computer. Ha! no phone (save for the cell to call my sis/bro in law when we have a trailor “emergency”) and just “roughing it” together.

Life is good. I’m set for surgery on Monday, and will be in recovery a bit after wards. Don’t expect much from me until middle of October – when my birthday extravaganza begins! 🙂 Mine and Ellie’s. This year will be cause for great celebration. We have our wonderful girls, our friends who have been coming out of the woodwork to lend their support and their good wishes. I’m genuinely blessed, and finally feel at home in this little town of Temecula, California.

Will I ever consider myself a non-Arizonan? I don’t think so. It’s the home of my heart. But, being able to take an easy trek to the beach for a few days is a joy that I always longed for. I’ve got a husband who loves us so well. And mom and dad are coming out to lend a hand. All is good. So, here’s to a quick recovery, time to work on “Castles by the Sea” — my WIP that’s in rewrite now. And some enjoyable time researching the 1930s – one of my favorite periods in history.

Love and blessings to you all… and I’ll catch up in a week or so… Meanwhile, good reading, and good writing to you, all!


Edits complete – Phew!

Well, three cheers to Elizabeth, for her fantastic editorial contribution to the All or Nothing project. That’s what it has become. A project. A comprehensive effort – that will be reviewed by me ONE more time, and then forwarded on its merry way – to be designated with a cover, back cover copy, blurb, etc. and so on. Lord, I can’t wait to see the cover. It’ll be amazing. A dream. I used to stroll book stores to envision where Ashley Ludwig would reside – and now, it’s happening.

What a phenomenal effort on the part of The Wild Rose Press – whom I couldn’t be more excited to work with. I am so excited about seening the cover. About the rest of the publishing process, which is, as of yet, a mystery to this writer. I’m ready to go back to work fleshing out my next historical, inspirational story – Castles by the Sea… set in the golden era of Hollywood. I’m looking forward to it – but have so much plotting to do, I should change the concept to plodding. Why oh why can’t I be a pantser? Every story I’ve ever “pants-ed” together has gone nowhere. Oh, well. That’s a topic for another day.