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Queen poor choice & princess meticulous

Call her strong willed. Call her a free spirit, or a spitfire… with white-blonde hair in wild curls, and attitude to match, that’s the gift we were given.

My oldest on the other hand, mama’s girl. So much like me. Cautious to a fault. In life, in friendship, in everything she tries. Unless she is sure of success, she sits, watches, waits, analyzes. Only when she is truly ready will she commit.

These two have made a friend at the camp ground this trip. Another little blonde girl to play with… and we suddenly have a little break.

While my dear hubby tries to figure out my ipod, I’m taking a minute to observe my kids just at play… taking turns introducing this new one into their fold. Their personalities so evident in how they talk and share and laugh…

Ultimately, they go back to playing together, but today at the campground,their world is expanding…and a little at a time, so is ours.

Of Little Girls and Ladybugs…

My sister gave us a “new” used hybrid trailer for Christmas – that means, it has a 17′ long body, and pop out beds to 23′. We’re planning on putting it to good use this summer, having already braved a trip in February – when we discovered the heater didn’t work (BRRRRR). All freshly fixed up and serviced, we just spent a lovely getaway to the lake over the weekend. Perry fished to his heart’s content (though I think I heard the fish laughing… we didn’t see ANYONE catch ANYTHING all weekend.)

The girls and I collected ladybugs and butterflies and played on a hidden beach.We had a picnic under an enormous oak tree on a field of grass. Flew a kite. Connected the dots with the stars, and woke up with the birdies. Idyllic? well, we were camping in a pop-out trailer. I did my best this time not to envy all of the lovlely, shiny new 5th wheels and Class Cs that were parked all around. Class As didn’t even bother to try camping where we were parked… So, social envy was curtailed in that arena.

We still love Lake Skinner – the best place close by, thus far, for a cheap weekend getaway – with no computer, no work, no bad days…

Let’s just say, we returned home with far less beer (and stress) than we hauled out with us. The girls are tan and happy, with some bandaid scars to share with their friends today at school. We spent last night finding many more places in and around SoCal to wander in our little tiny trailer. Can’t wait to see where we take it next!