Of Bandits, and Buried Treasure

Todo o Nada… All or Nothing … El Tejano, a true-life bandit who came and vanished in the late 1800s in Arizona, and the inspiration behind this author’s villain.

But, who was this bandit behind All or Nothing?

He wore a mask of burlap. A dyed red slash for a mouth. Eyeholes cut, revealing his cold, glittering gaze.

He knew when the payroll stages were coming, and from where.

His treasure, hidden in the mountains outside of Tucson, Arizona, was never found.

A few years ago – Arizona Highways magazine did a story on this bandit, and I was glued to every word. The romantic in me studied, turned ideas over, but I was far more intrigued by what we don’t know about this masked man. My story contains some truth, and much conjecture. The stuff of fiction, built on historic fact. This is where I love to live. The what if questions… what if El Tejano wasn’t a payroll clerk. What if he was someone far more evil, conniving, and driven?

A perfect plot began to form. The best part of it was, El Tejano was the mystery surrounding his last robbery. He vanished, never to be heard from again. His is one of those missing treasures that’s lost in the Arizona desert.

His story, not one you hear of every day. We know of the lost Dutchman, the Iron Door, and countless other tales of those who made their profit from others…

Who was El Tejano?

We might never know–but it left rich, creative ground for this author to develop a bandit worthy of being foiled by a handsome cavalry captain Bowen Shepherd, and his leading lady, Army laundress RuthAnne Newcomb.

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About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

7 responses to “Of Bandits, and Buried Treasure”

  1. E.A. West says :

    A story built around fact is the best kind of fiction. I love it when a book I’m reading for fun teaches me something new. And the legend of El Tejano is a fascinating one. Thanks for sharing it in such an awesome way! All or Nothing is a great story.

  2. Ashley Ludwig says :

    Thanks, E.A. 🙂

    El Tejano is better than legend. The facts that he spoke Spanish with a mid-western accent? He always covered his face with a mask …

    Was he one person? or many?

    Read more about facts, fantasy, and fairy tales of the southwest on The Petticoats and Pistols Blog

  3. Denver Jebbett says :

    I generally don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, wonderful work.. beautiful …

  4. Jody Hedlund says :

    Hi Ashley! Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and joining in the discussion! I appreciated your input and wisdom!

  5. Ashley Ludwig says :

    My pleasure, Jody – and nice to meet you! and thanks for dropping in!


  6. Ashley Ludwig says :

    My pleasure! Glad to know you

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