What is Recession Lit

Chick lit / or Hen lit – follows a formula we all know and love:

Girl who works for high powered someone / big-wig / big-shot / etc.

Girl loses job, loses boyfriend, loses hope.

Girl finds renewed sense of satisfaction/self. Gets better boy. Gets leg up / new lease on life.

Always – Always with a healthy dose of comedy.

Right? But what about NOW? What about the return to reality? To recession mentality? Rather than the kids who scoffed at Grandma, and her world’s largest ball of rubber bands… or washed out plastic baggies. Guess what. We’re those girls now. We are the moms, the workers, the people who realize that so much waste goes on in the world… and it is up to US to teach our children HOW to stop being wasteful.

With money. With time. With the planet.

Therefore, friends and authors, I give you Recession Lit. Here’s a link: More Gumption, Less Gucci

This NYT article looks into the lives of authors who’ve already jumped over to a Recession Lit mentality. Knowing, full well, that readers won’t sit still for glitzy glamour while they’re pinching their own pennies.

So, have you prepared your writing for the recession? If so, let me know! who are your faves for the fall list? Me? I’m looking to Karen Weinreb’s The Summer Kitchen. All I had to read was this line and I knew I needed the book:

“All I knew was that I was now two things I never expected to be, the wife of a felon and alone.”

follow Karen on twitter: @karenweinreb


About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

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