Bloggiesta Month…

Yes, I know it’s the middle of July. Alright, it’s almost the END of July — but here’s the deal I just made with myself. And by God’s grace, I just might stick to it.

For the next month, I’m taking a much needed “Bloggiesta.”

When readers can sit down and inhale a book that took a year to write and release – in, um, a day… who has time for blogging? Facebook? Twitter? and now, so help me, GLUE? What’s that all about? I am often asked in interviews, etc. “How do you have time to do it all?”

I finally have an answer I can/have to live with. I can’t. I’m not superhuman. I’m an author. And, as an author, I have an over-burgeoning responsibility to use the talent that I’ve been blessed with and — um — write.  And, when I’m not writing, I’ll be honing my craft. Why? Because when a skill becomes your heart’s desire, you need to sharpen your sword. You need to practice. You need to write.

My bloggiesta reading list is:

  • Stein on Writing by Sol Stein
  • Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell
  • Story by Robert McKee

and, for fun, I’m reading — Both by James Rollins:

  • The Last Oracle
  • The Doomsday Key

My creative energy has been requested elsewhere… so…

Instead of blogging, I’ll be getting things done around the house, at work, and on my current work in progress. As much as I love you all, and am enthralled by the visitors, your comments, etc. – If I don’t get back to my current cast (whom I’ve left in desperate peril), I’ll have nothing for you to read in the spring!

I’ll leave you with this:

Can an archaeologist unearth the truth before she loses the greatest treasure of all?

When maritime archaeologist stumbles into an ancient treasure, she finds her colleague murdered and her own life in jeapordy. She must trust a faithful FBI agent to protect her while solving an ancient mystery to free those whom she holds most dear.

In a hurricane of love, loyalty, and deception — Chandra Drake is confronted with the ultimate choice: Does she sacrifice everything that matters to her heart and expose the truth?

On that note, I’ll be back to chatting, e-mail, face book, twitter, blogging, etc. when the first draft is completed.  My challenge – 1,000 words a day (through edits or pounding through the ending) until it’s done.

What do you think?

About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

2 responses to “Bloggiesta Month…”

  1. Skhye says :

    I just discovered James Rollins. I search for his books at used book stores. Even my teenage nephew reads him. Where in the heck have I been??? I’ve got BLACK ORDER and JUDAS STRAIN. I’d rather have e-copies to read on my e-reader. But those are the breaks in life. LOL. If you have time bloggiesta-ing, you’ve got to email me and tell me which ones are must reads!

  2. Ashley Ludwig says :

    Honestly Skhye – I have NO idea where you’ve been. Motherhood, maybe? 🙂

    You found me and I already answered… but I LOVED all the Sigma books…

    As I mentioned, you can really see how much he’s grown as an author. Oh, and he wrote The Crystal Skull for Indiana Jones. The guy’s awesome.


    Let me know what you think!

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