Starting the “Build & Stabilize Your Platform” Month!

Watch this video and consider where you are in the construction of your author platform:

Consider your social networking grade:

  1. Do you have a Web site?
  2. Do you have a Facebook or Myspace account?
  3. Do you have a blog? (must update more than once a month in order to say “yes”)
  4. Do you have a Twitter account? (again, must update more than once a day to say “yes”)
  5. Do you belong to any online groups, such as Yahoo Groups, Book Clubs?
  6. Have you started BRANDING yourself…
  7. Are you still writing? (Give yourself 2 points for this one.)

If you scored 5 or above – good for you! leave us your links and let us grade each other!

If you scored 4 – you’re on your way. Chances are, you’ve made friends across the country, if not the globe!

If you scored 3 or below…We need to talk.

Let me help you over the next month as we work together to build and/or stabilize your Author Platform! Your first step, at the VERY least — set up a free blog site. We are authors, yes? So, chances are, you should have something interesting to say.  So, let’s blog about it!

Step 1. Use one of the following:


Post a profile picture.

You don’t  have to do anything else just yet.

Just register. Post your book cover if you’ve got one. Say “Hello, World” if you don’t. Just do one thing today to help others know you’re here. You’re writing.You have something to say that others should read!

Once you’ve done that, let me know and we’ll move on to step 2!

Post any questions or comments you might have! I’m here to hold your hand as we get going into Books 2.0 together.

About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

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