Inspiration vs. Perspiration

Inspirational authors teeter on a fine line in our craft. Authors are taught to “show, not tell” when it comes to story, scene, emotion, and plot.

Don’t say someone’s nervous. Show their fingers drumming a table. Sweat pooling in the back of their shirt. Don’t tell us how someone fell in love. Show the fluttering butterfly kiss, the quick-take of breath. The locking of gazes, and two hearts beating the same rhythm.

In the same vein, inspirational authors need to be able to show God’s overpowering love for mankind, without telling. We had a thread today in our White Rose Press yahoo group. Authors expounded their opinions on how to do this, and I suspect the conversation is not over.

The best part about the question – how do you show not tell when it comes to your character’s arc – and how they reach their happily ever after – which in an inspirational fiction story involves having God be the cornerstone of love. So, that can leave writers sweating.

I put that question out to you all – what do you want to see when it comes to sharing the word in fiction?

About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

2 responses to “Inspiration vs. Perspiration”

  1. Rachel Rossano says :

    A life lived like a real person. I look for a person who lives on the page, struggles with the same things I struggle with, makes mistakes without realizing it, makes decisions that are not clearly black and white, and walks with the Lord in a relationship with interaction and conversation. It is what I strive for with my characters and what I look for in other writers’ works. I hope this helps you. 🙂

  2. Ashley says :

    Well said, Rachel!

    I like to see someone comfortable enough in their walk to talk to and about God like talking with a friend…

    Characters that make mistakes without realizing it.

    Wow. That’s an interesting thought, and I’ll mull that one over a bit with my coffee.

    I appreciate your comment!


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