Tweets from an Expert Agent @colleenlindsay

Need more reasons to follow Agents/Editors/Publishers who are actively teaching writers about our industry?

Here are some tweets quoting Don Maas, via Lit Agent Colleen Lindsay, that should make authors get goosebumps!

@ColleenLindsay says:

: Don Maass using Silence of the Lambs of example of great fiction, setting, characters.

: “in so many manuscripts, the antagonist or villain is least compelling charater in the story.” don maass

: “hannibal lecter fascinates us because is is real and compelling” don maass

: “who is the character that most impedes your characterls forward motion in story? How does he feel about the protag?” don maass

: “how does your antagonist feel about protag? What does he think is admirable about protag? What can he learn from protag?” do maass

: “is your antagonist as three-dimensional as your protagonist?” don maass

: “what would antagonist say is protag’s biggest weakness, blind spot, vulnerability? What best represents this weakness?” don maass

: “what is the one thing your antagonist thinks your protagonist needs to learn about life?” don maass

: “how can your protag catch your antag off guard?” don maass

: “what does your antagonist deeply believe in? What drives forward? Why might hiw worldview be correct?” don maass

: “how does your antag find support for what he believes in?” don maass

: “is your antag evil for the sake of being evil? Is so, he is an ineffective villain.” don maass

Okay… that in and of itself makes me look at my current villan and think, hmm. How can they be more round? They need their motivation, just as Cheryl St. John shared with me her charts – I’ll share them with you all shortly…


About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

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