As new technologies emerge, we must develop new words to describe them, how to use them, how to interact with others through them…and with Twitter, we all know… 140 characters or less.

With that in mind, here are some notes on maintaining proper etiquette when posting your tweets — thus named, Tweet-equette:

  • Dos and don’ts of following.
    • Try not to follow others willy nilly.
    • Check out the kind of tweets fellow twitterers are posting. Do you want to read them?
    • Are your purposes entertainment oriented? social network oriented? or business oriented?
    • Follow folks you can learn from. Interact with your mentors. It’s amazing who you can meet this way.
  • Refrain from starting your tweet with: @[USERNAMEHERE] — if you do, only the people you’re tweeting to will see it.
  • Research your hashtags before you create a new one. [NOTE: Hashtags are brief phrases preceded with #]
  • Searching by #[hashtagwordhere] enables you to group like-minded tweets together
  • If you are repeating another tweet, please use the RT: [followed by tweet body] [followed by @[username]] who originally posted said tweet
  • Get to know: – this can shrink extended URLs to less than 25 characters. Bonus!
  • Learn by reading tweets, and by twittering yourself.
  • More notes can be found by searching #twitterbook on twitter.

My question for you is, who do you follow and why? What kind of links do you click on from tweets, and why? Oh… and follow me, if you find this useful: @ wiremamma


About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

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