Seeing my baby for the very first time…

For those of you who don’t know…the big box of books came yesterday.

MAJOR Squee moment.

The girls wanted to know…what’s in the box? Why is mommy jumping up and down?

Though I desperately wanted to show them, I told them we had to wait for daddy to get home. Then when he finally arrived, he really wanted to take a shower (he works construction, so we didn’t disagree — no matter how thrilled i was). We would wait. This was a family moment, and I wanted my family with me. A ritual I’ve envisioned since I was a little kid.

You know, a circle of love surrounding my labor of love. We’d wait. Really.

The girls had different ideas. They HAD to know what was in the box. It called to them. They conspired against my plans…and ran to the playroom. They found the little plastic knives from their tea party set. I figured, sure–why not. Plastic knives, nothing’s gonna come of that.

Well, I forgot to factor in the complete determination they had to get that thing open. They worked and sawed, and darn if they didn’t get the tape off. I was laughing so hard, I almost forgot to stop them before they tore into it.

They were dragging out the paper just as my hubby came downstairs. We all oohed at the cover. Held them, tested their weight. Flipped the pages. Then, DD#1 looks at me and says, “That’s IT??!”

Um. Go play outside.

I stroked the cover. Spied how my name looks on the spine. Enjoyed seeing the White Rose Publishing imprint logo along with it, more than I thought I would (YAY Niccola! RJ & Rhonda!)

AND for the first time in a long time, my hubby was speechless about my writing.  Sure, he’s supportive. He watches the kids while I do this thing that can’t be seen or touched. NOW he can touch it. See it. Hold it. He even took a copy to work to show off–to sell to his supervisor.

As for me, I’m still in shock. BUT, following those sage words of advice from my friend, Roxanne St. Claire — I’ll be working on the next one.


About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

8 responses to “Seeing my baby for the very first time…”

  1. Larry Hammersley says :

    Well, as I said when somebody else in our yahoo group received their books, “I’m green with jealousy.” That’s a good thing of course and I’m glad for you. I wonder at age 71, (just this May 6th) if I’ll live long enough to experience that. I’ve tried so long to land an agent or publisher for at least one of my four complete novels but to no avail. Sorry I’m whining. This is your moment. Have you got lots of plans to market, signings, speeches, such like?
    Say, I accepted your invite to be a friend. I wasn’t sure how to do that so I clicked on the invite to you too. I’ve seen that “friend” term tossed around on websites and I need educated on such things. What does that mean and how do I live up to that? Larry

  2. Dona Watson says :

    I said it before, but I have to say it again–I am SO happy for you! You worked hard for this and I’m proud of you. Way to go, girl! 😀


  3. Ashley Ludwig says :

    Larry – My granddad is 93! Unless you stop writing, I see no reason why you wouldn’t publish. You’re a brilliant writer. Keep going. I love your voice…

    LOL I’m proud to be your friend.

    AND by the way, you should check out this publisher:

    Brett Burner is an amazing guy man with a keen eye for talent. He publishes all different genres of inspirational books. A small press, but worth taking a look. I happen to know they’re broadening their reach.

    Let me know what happens.


  4. Donnie says :

    Congratulations!!!!! I’m jealous!

  5. Larry Hammersley says :

    Thank you for the wonderful compliments on my writing, Ashley. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our Sweetest Romance group and the friendliness and support radiating from folks like you. As always I wish you the best as you begin to market your book. I checked out the lamp post link and I have a religious book, nonfiction. It is a matter of my shaping it up more for submission. I have to motivate myself to revise it and should feel compelled to especially considering the nature of the subject. I seem to prefer to work on fiction so what does that say about my spirituality? Larry

  6. Ashley Ludwig says :


    What does it say? Um… that you’re human. Seriously — Brett’s philosophy is simple. If it leaves the reader edified — it doesn’t have to be in your face inspiration or Christianity… but it does have to help your readers be “better for having read” the work. You know what I mean?

    Write because you love it. I’ll be interested to see what happens for you!

  7. Ashley Ludwig says :

    Hey, Donnie! 🙂 Don’t be jealous… You’ve got a wonderful story in you…more than one, I’m sure!

    Did your book come yet?

  8. Ashley Ludwig says :

    Thanks, Dona! 🙂

    I’m warning you — I think this sort of thing is highly addictive…


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