Reinvent the perfect invention?

I stumbled across this article this morning — through Twitter. The title:  Why We Don’t Need to Reinvent the Book

Before you hop on over and give it a read, let’s think about the truth, falacy of this. Does the book need to be reinvented to fit into the time frame we have for it? As a mother and writer, I love to read. I read to the kids — I try to read for pleasure when I can, usually after everyone goes to bed with the help of my itty bitty booklight. But the truth of the matter, I can grab a chapter here or there, waiting for the kids at gymnastics or dance. Or soon, at soccer games.

But, as I was reminded by Smart B@#$%es Trashy Books this morning, sometimes when you dart out the door you forget something of key importance. Your latest paperback. Your Sony E-Reader or Kindle. No time to return, you suffer watching little ones tumble about — okay, it’s not suffering, but you get the point. Your heart longs for whatever story has captured your attention. Whichever author is currently holding you hostage with their carefully woven story. BUT who leaves the house without their phone?

Personally, I’d pay the two bucks to download a chapter through Stanza, while on the go. And while I love the feel of the book, I also love the earth. I am a author, so I want to build an audience.  As a new author, maybe readers will check out a free book or shell out a few cents for a short story. And, as one of my reviewers once said, the short story is the perfect fulfilling length for mommies on the go.

So, yes. Don’t reinvent to book. Don’t stop printing them. Keep them, love them, shelve them on something other than Shelfari. But, maybe Tim O’Reilly is right about something. We do need to reinvent some of the medium to keep up with the world. To engender a love of reading in our youth. And remind them why literature, the book, and the musty page smell we all adore is something not to forget.


About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

3 responses to “Reinvent the perfect invention?”

  1. roykeane says :

    Nice blog about book reviews.

  2. cheryl wyatt says :

    Hey girlie,

    JUST now saw your post on Mama Writers. Sorry! LOL.

    Here’s the reply I put for you over there…I’ll paste it here.

    E-mail if you ever need prayer. I know right where you are! Hugs, Cheryl

    Ashley, I just now saw your post. Balance…the best thing I think that helps is to ask God every day before my feet ever hit the floor to please order my day.

    And….having a stun gun handy as you type helps ward human distractions off too. LOL! Actually, when I’m trying to write, I am brutal with online time. And I can’t remember the last time I watched TV. So I normally have to make those kinds of sacrifices to be able to write. Because I don’t want to take time away from my children.

    Unless you plan to homeschool…things will get easier when they start school. So enjoy/cherish this time with them because it flies by in a breath that you can never, ever grasp back.

    Writing will always be there though.

    Hope this helps! Thanks for your kind words.

    Cheryl —praying for you! And for your writing time.

  3. Ashley Ludwig says :

    Cheryl – thanks so much. I appreciate the prayers!

    Nah, I’m not the home-schooling type. At least, not now. We’ll see how things go once my oldest starts Kindergarten!

    As for writing – and hitting the mark, I’m working toward writing 1,000 words a day – I needed a goal, and to break out of the comfort of cranking out short stories.

    While I LOVE short stories, novels are where my heart lies.

    If I keep it up, I should have a novel to revise by the end of July/Early August.

    Thanks for getting back. I am so glad to know you. Many blessings on your career!


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