Easter Lilies Begin Their Bloom At White Rose Publishing

It’s finally here. The Easter Lilies contest winners begin publication today – with the beautiful story by Carla Rossi – Under the 5th Street Bridge.

Under the 5th Street Bridge by Carla Rossi — AVAILABLE NOW

Last Easter, Trey Lawson returned from war with a combat injury and a long road to recovery. A year later, his life appears to be back on track, but he’s not exactly where God wants him. He couldn’t be. He’s miserable. Joy Cavanaugh has waited a year for Trey to snap out of it. Their once-serious relationship has all but disappeared since his return. She’s convinced he still loves her, but why has he shut her out? He’s made it clear he’d rather spend his time ministering to the homeless men under the 5th Street bridge than to allow her back into his life. As they herald the holiest of all Christian celebrations, can Trey let God resurrect his life, or will Joy have to give him up forever?

I’ve looked at the other contest winners with interest, wondering what it was about their stories that rose to the top of the many contest entries. Already, I can tell you, as I got my copy this morning! I’m thrilled to be part of this small group of women who were the three chosen to sponsor this Easter Weekend celebration at White Rose Publishing.

Contest winner doesn’t really feel right. Yes, we placed. Yes, we were acknowledged – and that’s a great feeling. Don’t get me wrong. I danced around the house, whooping and hollering! But after that, there was the waiting. The ENDLESS almost year long waiting for the publication date. And now, at last, it’s upon us!

Spring is like that. We plant seeds – the husks left over from last year’s blooms – in hopes of a beautiful garden to burst forth. My daughter pokes her fingers into the soil, and plants with the child-like faith that those seeds will sprout. She doesn’t ask why. She smiles and says, “these will be lovely, mama – won’t they?”

We’re really going to have a surprise garden this year. I gave the girls bags of seeds and they were off! they poked and planted and covered up. We’ve watered and now we’re watching sprigs of new plants raise their bright green heads to the sun. What are they? What sorts of flowers will they bring?

Well – we could have nasturtiums blooming over a bed of marigolds. We could have squash plants and cucumbers climbing the fence among the morning glory. We very well might have peppers and tomatoes growing amid the zinnia. And I suspect we’re going to have towering sunflowers EVERYWHERE. It’s going to be a strange, fascinating process to see what comes up, what thrives, what aids, and what overtakes.

So, with spring, rebirth, and renewal in your heart, please drop by and pick up your first copy in the Easter Lily boquet – Under the 5th Street Bridge. Lovers of romance will not be disappointed.

Have a wonderful day!


About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

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