Why do I Blog?

I was asked today at work – of all things – what is the purpose of a blog. That got me thinking… because–as you know–I love to blog. It’s my journal. It’s my way of keeping in contact with people who have similar likes and interests (such as you all!), and of course, it’s a way of sharing triumphs and tragedies, and contemplating this fast paced world we live in. Things change by the minute around here. Okay. Sometimes, even by the second.

Blogs are a great way to stay connected. Add a follower, or two, and you have people who are pinged when you post something new! If you have a contest, people can participate by the tens, twenties, and even hundreds! If you keep up with the latest technologies, it’s a great place to pool resources, and find out if other folks can rate a product (see e-reader posts), or e-book Applications to see what we’re all talking about. We keep up with predators and editors, and congratulate one another on a job well done.

Most of my readers are either small press authors, e-book authors, mothers, friends, family, or all of the above. Perhaps even a co-worker or two. I cherish each and every comment, and do my best to respond to every one. It’s how we roll. Blogging is just a natural part of my thought process, much as FaceBook has become part of my social life. (See my husband shake his head, in his inability to understand my need for online interaction).

I’m an odd case. I work remotely, for a company in New Jersey. I keep odd hours, as I’m a full time working mother, so my writing time comes in the late evening and early morning. When asked, I’m sure most don’t understand – but my husband can attest to my idiosincracies. He always knows when I’m deep in edits or writing, as the house descends into utter chaos!

So, why add blogging on top of all that? Because of you. So, thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment, and I’ll answer. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.


About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

6 responses to “Why do I Blog?”

  1. Lainey Bancroft says :

    Yep, once you click ‘publish’ on that first blog post there’s just no going back. lol

    My husband used to shake his head, too, then he found his ‘tool-head’ forum (maniacal laughter) and now he totally ‘gets’ that need to ‘check in with the buds’ at the end of the day. Now he’s as bad as I am and we’ve had a few evenings of what the kids call ‘dueling laptops’ at the dining room table. Great that he’s entertained, plus, I may earn the unique distinction of being one of the only romance authors with a fan club made up of hvac installers and technical advisers.

  2. Mary Ricksen says :

    It’s getting the comments that makes it worth it. I always try to leave a word or two, I know how good it makes me feel if someone takes the time. And I hope good things happen for us all.
    Me, I am not in love with blogging, but it’s a necessary thing these days, especially if you want to promote a book.
    Good luck to you and I wish you lots of comments!

  3. quickiereads says :

    Lainey – you are so correct. No going back, but oh! what a ride. 🙂 LOL at the dueling laptops – that’s what our dining room table looks like!

    Thanks for your comment!


  4. quickiereads says :

    Mary – it’s necessary – but it can also be so interesting to find like minded folks out there, and glean insight from readers and fellow authors, alike! THANK YOU! for your comment. Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Linda LaRoque says :

    Hi Ashley,
    Blogging can be fun but I wish I knew how to get more followers.

  6. Ashley Ludwig says :


    Traffic is something we all need to think about – in developing readers and blog-followers. Someone told me once if someone likes the way you write “stream of consciousness” as blogging often is – that they are likely to also enjoy reading your “voice.”

    SO, I’ve looked for people with similar interests – joined social networks – and am on several message loops, as I’m sure you are too! Whenever something special is going on, I shout it from the rooftops!

    I also went to school on a very successful NF writer friend of mine, who told me to tell everyone and anyone you meet that you’re a writer. EVERYONE is interested in hearing about your writing. Everyone has a book inside of them – or at least, that is what it sounds like based upon the conversations I’ve had recently. Everyone wants to write. But finishing a project is something to celebrate. Blogging’s just another avenue to do that.

    Great question – and obviously one we all need to consider. 🙂 Let’s hope for a 2009 filled with many successes! for all of us.


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