February – a contest, and a Pesky Ground Hog!

It’s February – the month of romance. And it’s contest time again!

28 romance authors invite you to participate in a month-long event of love and laughter. Each day starting Feb. 1, 2009 an author will throw a romance party at her blog and host a contest with a prize. The link to the next day’s blog location will also be provided at each location. Just drop by and enter the contest. And get ready to heat up the cold wintery days of February. You could win a prize a day!

Visit: http://www.amberleighwilliams.blogspot.com to join in!

Out here in sunny SoCal, it’s already 70 on the back porch. Our tulips are reaching for the sun as it warms the valley through the morning mist. All is right with the universe.

And yet, Punxatawnee Phil declares 6 more weeks of winter?! How dare that little ground hog!

I refuse to give in. I’ve cleaned off the back patio and resurrected fountain! I cleaned out the dead leaves from around my budding geraniums. I spent my “me” time yesterday teaching my daughters how to deadhead the marigolds and replant the seeds. We rode bikes, drank beer, and watched my Arizona Cardinals put up a noble fight on Superbowl Sunday. The sun is shining, and yet, a cold front is moving in for the weekend.

So, what are we going to do if 6 more weeks of winter do come? I’ll have to invest in frost cloth, because I started gardening too soon. I’ll have to bring in the outdoor cushions – AGAIN! We’ll have some more fires in the fireplace, hot cocoa and popcorn, and hunker down with some good old 80s/90s princess movies. This weekend, I think we’re going for “Ever After” with Drew Barrymore. We might make one last trip to the snow up in Idyllwild and build a snowman, and watch my daughters laugh as they slide down snow-mountains, pink-cheeked, and frozen.

Regardless, it’s Spring time for my soul, and spring-cleaning of my priorities is in order! And, rest well…I feel a story coming on…


About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

2 responses to “February – a contest, and a Pesky Ground Hog!”

  1. Faith says :

    I’m doing some spiritual spring cleaning too! It feels great!

    And that TWRP book on the side looks so good!

  2. Ashley Ludwig says :

    Faith – Thanks for your comment! I’m honored, coming from such an accomplished writer as yourself. This will be my first “official” release – and I’m on pins and needles, for waiting!

    Have a wonderful day!

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