Saving Face…

I’m undergoing a little experiment. I’ve recently signed up for facebook and I’m trying to determine if it’s a fun diversion or a time sucker.

Any thoughts on the matter?

Points for:
1. Finding old friends
2. Staying in touch with friends out of town
3. Networking with fellow employees
4. It’s like instant messenger on steroids

Points against:
1. Time spent adding silly applications is basically wasted, while we pin flair on each other and serve up margaritas
2. Time wasted looking for people who I could care less if I ever talked to again
3. Be careful what you post online – see networking with fellow employees. ha ha.

The jury is out. Are any of you face-bookers? Feel free to friend me and we can chat about it!


About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

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