I’m in the Garden!

Well, it finally happened today. I think I’m having an out of body experience. I’m really doing it. I’m getting published. I am an author. I did it. I have an editor who believes in me, my ability, and everything I’ve read and researched about them is wonderful. My editor gets back to me, she is giving me great advice, I have my notes and I’m off to start the next revision.

She sent the contract…and all of the paperwork… and I didn’t get one of those knife-in-the-heart moments, when the rug gets pulled from your feet and you realize they want money from you. Not a moment’s hesitation while reading the contract, wondering, are these people for real? It is just good business. An excellent plan. Talk of cover art, edits, galleys, and production.

I’m doing the happy dance! All or Nothing is going to be published… BREATHE.

Thank you, Wild Rose Press for believing in this book!

Now, the real work starts. Once again – I’m thrilled to do it. I have reams of papers to read and fill out, and edits to begin.


About Ashley Ludwig

Ashley Ludwig is an Editor for Patch News, Orange County and Los Angeles. She is also an inspirational romantic suspense author.

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